Company profile

        Xiamen electrical technology co., LTD. Is a collection of dawn dish cabinet production sales、Panel cabinets distribution wiring、Industrial automation system integration、Engineering software design and development and technical service of large electrical technology co., LTD。
       The company is located in xiamen jimei machinery industrial clusters,Si 3 new entrance industrial group86Number2Building,The total investment1000Ten thousand yuan,With the production、Office area6Thousands of square meters。       
       The company set up early,The investment300More than ten thousand yuan,Planning and set up a industry enclosure sheet metal production line。       
       Raw material processing with CNC equipment,After completion of cabinet put oneself in another's shell,To enter powder curing processing,Reduce the sheet metal pieces of turnover,Improve efficiency。Cabinet put oneself in another's position for sealing requirement,Can also be for polyurethane foam sealing strip of sealant,Good sealing effect、Beautiful and not easy to fall off

Technical services

Technical support:
Provide full system automation products technical support and guidance。
Installation and debugging services:
At the customer site for installation and commissioning work,And can assist the acceptance。
Testing services:
Assist clients for a variety of products accessories testing inspection work。
Technical training:
Provide full system automation products installation and debugging of the training、Programming training, etc。

Product center

Small junction box

                  Outdoor meter box                               

                Independent work station